TSOLCH – Tracing and shaping our linguistic cultural heritage for sustainable plurilingualism, intercultural dialogue and active citizenship



This competence-based, multi-lingual cross-curricular project aims at developing, refining and widening our pupils’ language proficiency by exploring our rich literary cultural heritage and by continuing the literary tradition with own creative texts. Pupils have immersed themselves in an intercultural dialogue in game-based and project-based activities. It has promoted citizenship values by focusing on journalism and the language of prose as well. Pupils present their cultural heritage (tangible, intangible). The poetic tradition is scrutinized, pupils are challenged to explore the wealth of poetic expression.  They study their native dramatists, write prose, theatre plays, lyrics for the European anthem, news, created ebooks and an eNewspaper. Pupils also teach each other basic communication skills in their mother tongue (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and German). Pupils have eventually become articulate, plurilingual, active citizens eager to participate in society in their role as enlightened Europeans conscious of and united by their cultural heritage by means of digital and onsite collaboration.

Dissemination ebook https://madmagz.com/magazine/1639963

Poetry albumhttps://madmagz.com/magazine/1577064

Dissemination ebook: https://madmagz.com/magazine/1757655

Environmentalization ebook –  https://madmagz.com/magazine/1742582

eNewspaper https://editor.editafacil.es/visor/index.aspx?p=FFFFFFFF8684AFC6&tp=964